Rubicon Unique Characteristics

Rubicon is the world’s first totally environmentally friendly and human safe disinfectant for even the most highly polluted water. Yet Rubicon contains no chlorine or any insidious components.

What's special about Rubicon?

Imagine adding a powder to muddy, foul, river water. Rubicon is a water soluble water purification technology that kills bacteria, viruses, pathogens etc within minutes. Anecdotal evidence indicated the efficacy of one of the active components in Rubicon against the Ebola virus.

  • Contains no Chlorine or Halogen products, is completely non-toxic and leaves no by-products
  • Contains a coagulant that both sterilizes and clears even muddy water, obviating the need for a filter
  • Removes foul odours to produce tasteless, clear drinking water that only needs straining with at most a cloth

Rubicon is as effective as the most powerful sterilizers, killing bacteria and viruses in minutes, yet also clarifies and coagulates solids from even the muddiest water, while removing foul odors, making even extremely poor and contaminated water drinkable, all without the need for an expensive filter.

Key features:

  • Superior performance under all conditions to alternatives AND superior to direct competitors
  • Small doses treat vast amounts of water in a few minutes.
  • Scalable; can be used at household, village, urban/metropolitan level
  • Scientifically substantiated by internationally accredited organization
  • Already approved in 5 African countries by a reputable NGO in the U.S. in addition to other African countries and India.

For more details about Rubicon’s unique and superior features compared to other productions and technologies on the market, please see our Competitor Analysis Sheet.

Rubicon water disinfectant is scientifically substantiated by reputable research institutions and is endorsed not only by:

But also the famous USA-based NGO Blood: Water Mission: Africa Partnership.

Listed at the UN, UNICEF, UNIDO, UNRWA etc. and registered under various UNSPSC  categories.

Our Business Model - B2B Partnering

    Prideco Holdings Japan is actively seeking partnerships with established, connected partner companies to market and distribute Rubicon in domestic markets.

    Our requirements are strict, but the rewards are vast.

    Our B2B Basics

    Prideco Holdings Japan will consider partnerships to supply Rubicon in a variety of formats (for example 3.5g sachets, larger packs, or tablets) with established domestic corporates on an OEM basis.

    Local corporates must be capable of:

    1. Purchasing and paying for Rubicon in advance
    2. Be capable of marketing and distributing Rubicon on an agreed scale or to a mutually agreed and proven expansion plan
    3. Assume liability, the correct storage and distribution of undamaged and unchanged product

    On the other hand, local partners may:

    1. Market and sell Rubicon under a local brand and form factors mutually approved with Prideco Holdings Japan
    2. Take advantage of exclusivity based on performance and expansion plans approved by Prideco Holdings Japan

    Interested in partnering with us?