Anti-Cellulite Cream


More than 75% of adults in first world countries are either obese or overweight of which more than 33% are obese. Weight gain usually happens over time and in the end leads to a number of problems such as health problems, loss of self-esteem, loss of body contour, loss of body and facial shape and the formation of cellulite.


Cellulite is a term used to describe that humpy, bumpy, lumpy appearance of the skin like distorted orange peel. Cellulite can appear on even the thinnest of women and it does appear with all women at some point, regardless of age and size. Cellulite is a normal condition and not a disease. It is, however, a structural problem of the connective tissue. The connective tissue acts as a mesh to keep the fat close to the muscles, which happens for men, but not so well for woman. With woman this connective mesh sometimes open up and the fat bulges out. This gives you the cellulite that looks almost like a mattress.

Normally there is efficient disposal of fats and toxic waste, but when circulation is diminished because of a breach of the connective tissue, there is no removal of fluids and toxins. These get trapped, and the connective tissue slowly thickens, forming cellulite. Thus there is a particular need for a product that combats cellulite effectively.

Face & Body Contour & Shape

Fat accumulation on the face, in particular on the chin and cheeks, as well as on the body, e.g. on the abdomen, buttocks, thigh and upper arms, constitute an important problem for 80-90% of all women and a fat bulge on the middle, one for many woman and men. The deposition of fat in the body is done through the processes of lipogenesis (the synthesis of fat) and adipogenesis (the development of adiposities). The process of lipolysis (hydrolysis of fat) is the one that removes fat. To the desired effect the processes of lipogenesis and adipogenesis should be retarded and that of lipolysis should be enhanced.

The Solution

A cream with a cocktail of fat burners that acts in synergy to remove fat, prevent fat from forming or being deposited and to address the problem of cellulite. ELESSI Slim-U-Cell is just the solution for the problem. ELESSI Slim-U-Cell utilizes the best materials directly from nature, materials extracted from natural products and materials derived from natural products (but chemically changed through biochemical technology).

The Materials

Directly from Nature:

  • Blade wrack extract – Activates lipase, eliminates fat
  • Clematis extract – Accelerates micro-circulation, increase the metabolism of adipocytes
  • Ivy extract – Decongests the skin and helps lipidic elimination
  • Queen meadows extract – Reduces inflammation and oedema
  • Horsetail extract – Produces new elastin and collagen fibres
  • Coleus forskohlii extract – Activates lipolysis, promotes removal of waste substances
  • Ilex paraguariensis extract – Reduces the number and volume of adipocytes
  • Coffey arabica bean extract – Stimulates lipolysis
  • Paulina cupana extract – Accelerates the oxidation of free fatty acids in the mitochondria of the cells

Extracted from Natural Products:

  • Caffeine – (from Coffee) Activates lipolysis
  • Dihydromyricetin – (from Myrica cerifera) Inhibits lipogenesis and adipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis
  • Increases dermis density
  • Conjugated linolenic acid – (from vegetable oils)
  • Reduces lipid uptake into adipocytes and reduces lipid accumulation in the adipocytes
  • Carnitine – (Amino acid) Helps in the oxidation of fats and the removal of toxic ketones
  • Pantetheine sulfonate – (from vitamin B5) Reduces the thickness of adipose tissue
  • Nicotinic acid – (vitamin B3) Strengthens the thinning of the epidermis

Derived from Natural Products:

  • Chlorella vulgaris/lupinus albus protein ferment – Improves skin firmness and reduces fat infiltration in the dermis
  • Magnesium sulfate – (Epson salts) Leeches by products of fat metabolism, from the body
  • Systeic acid – (from human hair and sheep wool) Reduces the thickness of adipose tissue


The efficacies of these ingredients were determined, either as single materials or as materials with synergistic effects with one another, grouped together.

In vitro lipolysis activity, in vivo laser profilometry relief measurements and ultra sound studies were done. Further in vivo studies of fat infiltration in the dermis, measurements of the inhibition of fat cells in only nine days, measurements of the destruction of lipids in only one hour, the measurements of the inhibition of the synthesis of lipids in 24 hours, the microscopic study of the effect on dermal density and the decrease of adipose tissue infiltration against a placebo and measurements of the decrease of adipogenesis after 24 hours were done.

Measurements of the inhibitor effect on the four main proteins involved in the intracellular signalling for lypolysis, established the increase in lipid metabolism and decrease in lipid transfer portals and the prevention of lipid uptake into adipocytes were done using micro-photography. The measuring of thigh and hip bulge were done with topometric fringe projection. The in vivo removal of lipids from adipocytes, was done by measuring the increase of cyclo adenosine mono phosphate (c AMP).

The in vitro stimulation of beta-oxidation of free fatty acids against a control was measured by means of radioactive methodology. The roughness parameters Ra and Rx, an indication of cellulite, were determined using in vivo ultra sound imaging and profilometry.

Ra is the average roughness and Rx the largest distance from peak to valley. The effect of the active dihydromyricetin on adipogenesis was evaluated against a control by analysing cell lysates after a 10-day culture, in the presence and absence of the active. The increased activity of the same active on the metabolic pathway of lipolysis inside the adiposites was determined in the presence and absence of the active. The decreased tyrosine kinase in the presence and absence of the same active was determined to establish the decrease of lipogenesis in cultured adiposities.


The improvements on average of fat metabolism using methods of evaluation are as follows:

Lipolysis : Increased up to 120% in two months
Adipogenesis : Decreased up to 63% in 10 days
Lipogenesis : Decreased up to 62% in 28 days
Increase in dermal density : Increased up to 12% after one treatment
Decrease in thigh volume : Decreased up to 11% after one treatment
Decrease of waist fat bulge-male : Decrease up to 18 cm³ after one treatment
Decrease in skin roughness : Decrease up to 14%


ELESSI Slim-U-Cell drastically reduces the thickness of adipose tissue and significantly improves the orange peel aspect of cellulite. By ELESSI Slim-U-Cell’s innovative fat cell-burning stimulation, lipids are decomposed to water and carbon dioxide and energy in the mitochondria of the cells.

The changes brought about by ELESSI Slim-U-Cell could be permanent provided a healthy lifestyle regimen with regards to eating habits and exercise is followed after treatment.


Use in the morning and evenings. Apply cream and rub in well on area where needed.