PS-279-D is a proprietary blend of various organic isomers blended in Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel which through isomerization changes the surface tension of the fuel droplets preventing short hydrocarbons from immediately vaporizing when the diesel fuel is sprayed into the combustion chamber. This allows the fuel droplets to penetrate further into the swirling air mass which result in a more complete air/ fuel mixture. It consequently improves the combustion process and leads to increase power production, volumetric efficiency with substantial emission reduction (especially black particulates) and huge fuel savings. The unique characteristics of one of the active compounds develop a viscoelastic effect of the fuel molecules ensuring excellent lubrication properties eliminating sticking of moving internal parts which normally result in a loss of injection event timing and variances in the amount of fuel delivered to the cylinder. Without proper lubrications fuel injectors and pumps are subjected to increase wear and premature failure.


To be utilized in all compression ignition internal combustion diesel engines such as all medium and high speed diesel engines in cars, trucks, busses, agricultural equipment, earthmoving equipment, locomotives, stationary equipment, turbines, various size powered marine craft etc. Excellent capabilities for Bunker fuel, MGO and LFO.


    • Significant Fuel Savings
    • Considerable reduction in black particulates
    • More homogeneous air/fuel mixture preparation
    • Increase cetane levels
    • Excellent lubrication abilities
    • Substantially reduce wear and premature failure of fuel injectors and pumps
    • Reduces carbon deposits
    • Thermal and oxidative stable
    • Improves horsepower
    • High flashpoint
    • Halogen and Peroxide free
    • Water insoluble
    • Low treatment ratio

    Physical properties

    Form : Liquid
    Odour : Diesel Fuel
    Colour : Light yellow
    Boiling Point/Range : 183 °C
    Flash Point (PMCC) : 65.5 °C
    Autoignition temp. (ASTM E 659) : 221 °C
    Density at 20℃ (ASTM D4052) kg/l : 0.8288
    Melting Point : -58 °C

    TREATMENT LEVEL - 0.1% (1000ppm)
    SABS - SANS 342 Compliant
    EPA - Registered per 40 CFR 79.23