PR-163 is an organo-Bismuth Sulphonate based oil product, which is an environmentally acceptable additive due to its non-toxic characteristics, and possesses novel Anti-wear (AW), Friction reduction and Extreme pressure (EP) properties as a superior substitute for conventional compounds that do not coexist well with antipollution equipment. The product has mild antiseptic and bacteriostatic properties which can be used to introduce a bactericide component into the soluble oil.

The non temperature-dependent, over based sulphonate, contains a colloidal carbonate salt dispersed within the sulphonate. During the interaction with the metal, the colloidal carbonate forms a nano-scale wear resistant film on vulnerable engine parts under the most extreme condition to ensure complete protection; however, it does not need elevated temperatures to start the reaction.

Tests on PR-163 revealed its compatibility with the additives utilized in fully formulated lubricating oils. Due to its excellent anti-corrosion properties yellow metals are well protected particularly at temperatures higher than 60℃ (140°F) especially Worm gear sets frequently containing phosphor-bronze materials.

Fuel efficiency, equipment protection and extended oil drain intervals are some of the main advantages to be experienced when treating PR-163 with industrial engine oils, such as those used in gearboxes, rail and marine applications, heavy duty trucks, construction equipment, power generation, stationary engines etc.

Physical properties

Description : Viscous Liquid
Colour : Light golden brown
Odour : Slight oil odour
Boiling Point : Not Determined
Pour Point : > -35 °C
Flash Point : > 230 °C
SG : 0.89

TREATMENT RATIO: 5 – 10 % (depending on application)